Thank you to all the incredible people, blogs, media, radio, and channels that have shared my music and story... I appreciate you and all you do!”

— J.Danno

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I truly believe that what stands in our way, can become our way. That all things don’t happen to us in our life but happen for us. Music and meditation became my medication for depression, along with surfing. Many days and times, I would hit lows and feel hopeless. Numerous times in my life, I have been homeless in Australia or here in the USA. Living on couches, traveling via bus and walking to work, school, or gigs. Living off the cheapest meals possible… but those times, can either break us or make us.” - Johan Danno

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"Born in South Florida, Johan sold all his possessions and moved to Australia, so we now claim him as one of our own. Johan sound is called “soul folk-rock and reggae fused with empowering positive vibes.” I had no idea that I love that type of genre mix until I listen to ‘Fire Burn Low’..."

- Music Injection (Australia)

"South Florida’s Johan Danno is soul folk-rock and reggae fused with empowering positive vibes. Using music and meditation as the medication that saved his life, Johan sold everything and moved to Australia at 22 where he climbed the corporate ladder until his song “Alive” saved a friend’s life and at that moment, saved his."

- Reignland Magazine

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