Thank you to all the incredible people, blogs, media, radio, and channels that have shared my music and story... I appreciate you and all you do!”

— J.Danno

Live on NBC 6 - Six in the mix!

Rescue Me - Reviews

"I could go on an on about the lyrics of this song, because they are so good and relatable, but another awesome thing that stands out to me in this song is the interesting styling. It has this really cool percussion throughout, which turns the vocals into a really unique cadence, somewhere between singing and speaking/pleading. Overall, this is an amazing song, and I can’t wait to see what other words pop into Johan’s head."

- B-Side Guys

"Ever since Hozier performed "Take Me to Church" with Annie Lennox at the 2015 Grammy Awards, this kind of mid-tempo Indie Rock / Soul has been having a well-deserved come back. Johan Danno, with his new release Rescue Me, extends that tradition with a deeply inflected gospel voice and an intermittent funk groove."

- Chill Filter Magazine

"Danno delivers a soul-drenched vocal atop foot-stomping beats and rolling guitar licks, blending captivating elements of funk and soul, but never shying-away from the primary force of Danno’s music – his astutely conscious lyricism and undeniably powerful delivery."

- Born Music (UK)

Interview @ WLRN Public Radio (Miami)

It was an absolute pleasure stopping by the WLRN Radio & TV Studio in Miami to chat with Michael for his acoustic folk radio show and perform live on the air!

We chatted my journey so far, what drives me to play and write, how I bounced back from depressed and suicidal at 19 to a world travelling independent musician, and what it's like being an independent musician today, trying to make a living on the road.

I setup a facebook live of the radio session that you can watch here:

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